The First Post

Well, what do you know, after years of eyeing blogs with curiosity and mild disdain (who are these people with idle time and a willingness to overshare?), I’ve set up a blog.

Maybe the first post calls for a well-thought introduction and some kind of enticement for you to keep reading over the long life of this blog. But, I don’t have anything big to declare today and my stomach has been grumbling its discontent in the twenty minutes it took me to find a blog name that wasn’t already taken. I don’t think well on an empty stomach, so, hurry I must.

Dear readers, you are my friends and my family, you know who I am (former corporate slave, current nascent “writer”), you know what I usually get up to (eat, drink, shop, get over-excited or over-angry, rant and rave, douse everything in sarcasm), and you’ll probably keep coming back to this blog because you’re bound by kinship or social obligation to supply me with an audience and feedback.

My five-week escape to Paris is coming to an end soon so you can expect to see a flurry of postings on how to enjoy this city on a budget!

Up next on this recession holiday / honeymoon / “finding myself” odyssey is a night in Lyon with some Prozellers, four days in Avignon and Arles with D and GW, two days in Marseille with my faithful pet G, a wedding to attend in Florence, and an overdue revisit to the USA (this time as spouse of a citizen, take that immigration-checkpoint-officer!).

Thanks for reading and check back soon!

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