What a way to start!

Within an hour of D&G’s arrival in Provence we had:

1. Hit a backpacker with our trusty little rental car, the Opel. Luckily, the scruffy lad’s pack was large enough to shield his spine from suffering mortal damage from our collective inexperience with manual transmission.

2. Driven 30 kilometers to arrive at the Polyclinique du Grand Sud,and NOT the Roman Aqueducts. The neighborhood looked like a retirement community in Florida, far from the rolling fields of lavender and Gallo-Roman ruins we had so long looked forward to. Apparently GPS is imperfect.

3. Found the Roman Aqueducts (the Pont du Gard), drank a bottle of red wine, sunned ourselves brown(well, not all of us, D was still a little pale), swam under a 2000 year old bridge in refreshingly chill water, and had our toes nibbled by tiny fish. These were good things.

4. Driven through a hailstorm. Yes, HAIL.

Welcome to France, D&G!


One thought on “What a way to start!

  1. ah, i was just at pont du gard on friday afternoon! was leaving for Nice so didn't get to dip my toes in the water, but might go back this sunday:)
    i'm sad i missed you guys, but i hope you enjoyed your short stay here!

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