Birthday Stats

In the half hour before I have to set off on my arduous journey to the railway station I’m glued to my TV watching live broadcasts of the final preparations for the China’s 60th birthday celebration. Some interesting statistics I’ve just heard:

1.7 million — people participating in the parade
2 — AM since performers started standing in position at Tiananmen Square
169 — steps flag bearers will walk on Chang’an Avenue
1’6″ — minutes and seconds it takes for a certain portion of the parade to pass
8 — the number of teeth each singer in the children’s choir is to show in a smile
80,000 — children bearing colored banners forming patterns you can see from aerial view
1 — second each banner change is supposed to be done in

I’m sure there’ll be more astounding numbers rattled off on TV today. I’ll be watching from my train car!

Signing off for a week…tales from the desert to come after!


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