Dear Q: A Hairy Problem

Dear Q,

My boyfriend is a good looking guy – tall, blonde, green eyes, toned but not overly muscular. However, he has a hairy problem. He once said, “It’s like I have fur!” And it’s true. He doesn’t have an abnormal amount of arm and leg hair, but his entire front is covered in hair, and even a patch on his lower back (which he thought about shaving before a pool party one time)! He’s not quite ape man since there’s no hair on his upper back. The problem is his face — he has the beginnings of a unibrow. He’s blond so it isn’t overly obvious…except to me. Early in our relationship he asked me if he should pluck, but as I was in the throes of new love, I told him I didn’t even notice it (which I meant). But now it’s all I can think about. How do I bring it up again without hurting his feelings?

Yours truly,

Dating Frida Kahlo


Dear Dating Frida,

Monkeys pick ticks, horses mutually scratch, and birds smooth each other’s feathers to show affection, trust, and relieve stress. Everybody else is social grooming, why shouldn’t we? Turn the dicey unibrow problem into a bonding experience. Spend a lazy morning together in bed with coffee, newspapers, and…a handy pair of tweezers. Start by tweezing your arches then ask him, “Wanna help me out?” After he plays male chimp, playfully pin him down and say, “Now it’s my turn!” Or, surprise your guy with a day of pampering at the spa (if he goes to pool parties he cares about his appearance). Set him up with a MANicure and a massage, and while he’s down have the spa staff offer a pluck. He’ll just assume it was standard operating procedure. This gets around his hairy problem without making you the bad guy. Oh, and if there are other hairy situations with your man that you were too shy to bring up, I have two more words of advice – Boyzilian wax.




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