Photography workshop with Lukas Birk

I’m kissing the “Auto” button on my still-new SLR goodbye! After two days with Lukas, I finally know what all the funky icons on my camera display mean and can tell my brain to think in aperture / shutter speed terms. Here’s a simple “before / after” comparison.

Voila, la photo “before”, using the “Auto” setting:

And here, the “after”, pressing a few basic buttons to take pictures in the “A” (aperture) setting and changing over/underexposure:

I’m psyched! And I’ll probably be in your face playing with my camera settings for the next few months, thanks to Lukas. When I get back to Beijing from this Singapore / HK jaunt I’ll be hitting up the Wukesong photography market (sounds like photo equivalent of the massive antique markets of Paris) and Buynow for my pirate Photoshop software.

* Lukas is headed for Israel where he will be agitating people with his exhibit, “Kafkanistan”, about present-day travel in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. For info about his workshops email workshops at lukasbirk dot com. Visit Lukas at


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