Spring is here

I hope I don’t curse it this time.

For two months, the weather has been toying with my feelings. Some days I wake up to the warm embrace of sunshine and a gentle breeze. Then, just when I declare that I’m quitting my winter jacket for good, the days abruptly turn to icy rain and angry winds. I can’t keep up with the meteorological schizophrenia and have come down with a cold. I suppose it serves me right for jumping the gun on calling spring when the papers are still running headlines like “Coldest April in 40 years”, “Longest winter in 60 years”, and “Snow accompanies peach blossoms in the Northeast.”

Blossoms in my garden

But, today it’s so warm — beyond “tentatively slipper weather” warm — that I’m convinced spring is finally here. Some would argue that this is summer, but I’m sticking with calling it spring because I can wear linen long pants without sweating profusely. (When summer proper is here, shorts and tank tops will be the maximum coverage I can bear).

Awesome blossoms in Beijing spring

With spring, the city comes to horticultural life. Drifting willows, potted plants, freshly planted grasses in a multitude of greens, and (the best part) peach blossoms in all manner of pinks are everywhere. This is Beijing’s most glorious season and if you haven’t done so yet, go take a walk through an old neighborhood in the morning and make your way to a park bench for an afternoon nap. When dusk falls, join your local neighbors on a leisurely post-dinner stroll around the block. Now that winter is over, it’s a pleasure to be outside again.

Happy May Day holiday!


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