Introducing Monsieur France

Today I’m featuring my first guest blogger, the straight-shooting pedigree-educated die-hard politico, Monsieur France. M. France loves to expound on love , write controversially, and bring a bit of Europe to Beijing. Despite outward appearance, MF claims he is a romantic at heart…

The views expressed belong solely to M. France:

“The best looking white girls in the world”
by M. France

The beaches of Los Angeles; the French Riviera; the global capitals of New York, Paris and Rome. One might consider some of these as the venues where the best looking western girls might be found. But here’s a shocking revelation: in my own experiences no place has a higher or more consistent standard of aesthetic qualities for Caucasian women than … Hong Kong.

Yes, the former British jewel of the Orient may not be the first place to spring to mind in this quest – indeed first and foremost for most men travelling there or anywhere else in the Far East is the idea of Suzie Wong and the embodiment of famed ‘oriental sexual decadence’. Yet on a recent trip I was reminded again that on the streets of Lan Kwai Fong, in the Mid-levels and Pok Fu Lam (or “Pok Fulham” as it’s known to the British), in Wanchai and Times Square, even at the airport – there is a distinctive quality to western women: slender, toned, tanned, tall above average and not infrequently blonde. Generic? Maybe. But compared to the dumpy, frumpy and near obese specimens which so frequently greet the eye in London and New York, it comes as a welcome relief. Whether a tender 18 or a mature 40, the white women here are to be noted.

Why is this? I would submit there are three separate strands of influence at work. First, there is the natural setting – warm, semi-tropical and hilly, Hong Kong is a place designed for an outdoors existence and with the weather what it is, flesh tends to be exposed, causing a “West Coast” type effect of self-consciousness. The sun is out for 5 months of the year; people have yachts; there are even beaches. Secondly, there is the notorious indigenous Hong Kong culture of vanity. The Honkies love to be seen to be looking good – they dress to impress and they will go the full length to do so, both men and women. In my experience, the business community is better dressed there than in the merchant banks of the City or Wall Street. It would be difficult, given the lack of other cultural depth, not to be influenced by this even as an expat.

But the self-consciousness is even more pronounced in the last issue: it’s because those competing Chinese girls are so damned slim. The average guai lou guy is not over in the East to pick up an average white girl when he has locals on tap, aggressive, ambitious and ready to fight. ‘Yellow Fever’ is de rigeur. White girls know that to even have a shot at getting a white mate – or indeed in keeping their existent partner on the straight and narrow from roving secretaries or nightclub clientele – they need to keep in shape. White girls in Hong Kong are fit, and that is probably their biggest differentiator from their counterparts at home. This is the ultimate expression of animalistic female competition – it’s bitch-eat-bitch out there. As a man, you can only sit back and admire.

And as for the ‘sexual decadence’ – fear not! It appears that this strand of expat society remains underserviced. Loneliness is, I hear, the standard state of western girls despite all their efforts – after all you still have to spend time talking to them. On the other hand, if you have endless patience (or if you really do want to spend hours listening to girls moan about other girls like you would have to at home), there are easy pickings indeed. Sadly, girls in the Hong Kong expat world do suffer from one problem – they are perhaps even more vacuous than your average King’s Road luvvy!


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