A new favorite spot

True to its name: Banana + Fish in sushi

Thanks to the diligent gourmet sleuthing of a three-letter-acronym’ed friend, I have found a new favorite spot to eat, drink, be merry, and work in Beijing. BananaFish is my latest obsession and I’ve already been there 3 times in the last 7 days.

5 reasons to check out BananaFish:

1. Creative, simple, fresh food. Chef Richard Chen serves up Pan-Asian salads, grilled meats, and Californian-style sushi.
2. Wallet-friendly. In its opening month, BF gave diners 50% discounts, followed by 20% last month, and this month, if you go there with a copy of my China Daily review (coming out soon) you get 15% off. I’m flattered the owners think so highly of my readership…
3. Pleasant environs. Crisp, clean, modern interiors. None of the gaudiness of a Chinese joint, nor the grubbiness of your typical Sanlitun Village hangout.
4. Fantastic location. For day or night, you’re right in the middle of Sanlitun shopping and clubbing.
5. A place to bring your laptop. Free Wifi and the promise of “afternoon tea” specials this month to draw in the creative / nomadic / self-employed crowd. When I checked it out this afternoon I was told the restaurant doesn’t open until 5pm for dinner…worth checking back again in June to see if the half-priced desserts have been rolled out.

Tongli Studio 3F
Tel: 6415-7166


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