Qrious in Bangkok

It’s Day 0 of the yoga month! Holistic living, eating, thinking and exercising begins tomorrow on the sunny island of Koh Samui.

Tonight, Qrious is logging in from Bangkok. After a 2-part flight (Beijing-Guangzhou-Bangkok), which was shockingly on time (more or less, pretty good for China Southern Airlines), Q arrived in the land of smiles. The budget airport hotel ($25 for the night, including breakfast and roundtrip airport transportation, woo!) does indeed exist and the rooms are clean and efficient. A 5-minute walk to the corner 7/11 landed me with a Thai SIM card, a takeaway yum woon sen salad bought from a street card and served in a plastic bag and Darlie toothpaste.

Have phone, have toothpaste, have food — will travel.

More to come from Absolute Sanctuary tomorrow when I get there!


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