Yoga Journal: Favorite things Thai

Day 3 of yoga boot camp and I’m coming to understand that yoga school is serious business. I wake up at 6.30am, start physical training at 7.30, have exactly 1h45m a day of free time between meals (during which time I have to shower and change), attend 4 hours of lecture and 2 hours of group discussion and finish up at 9.30pm. After that I should be practicing my teaching skills and bonding a little bit with my roommate, but for the last 3 nights I’ve just been collapsing in an exhausted heap on my little single bed.

At least I’m getting the most delicious sleep I’ve had in years!

Given the time constraints, this update is short and sweet. This time around I’m not seeing much of the outside world in Thailand – being stuck on my cushy yoga retreat resort and all – but I’d still like to share some of my favorite things about Thailand. Here goes:

1. It may be a poor place, but it’s a very clean place

2. Street food carts

3. “Same same” (but you know they’re actually different)

4. Palms-together-nod-and-bow greeting (“Sawadika”)

5. Boots pharmacy

6. “Ka” and “kap”

Oh, and one more thing in the “Gossip Girl” tradition…

Spotted: At Suvarnabhumi Airport, Chinese tourist wearing black sweatshirt with faux-mechanic’s patch that reads, “Sex is a high performance thing.”

This beats the Bump-It plastic hair inserts that I spotted in Beijing on a girl who most definitely has no idea what “Jersey Shore” is.


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