Yoga Journal: Day 9

Qrious is overdue for a post. What’s new? I survived Week 1 of yoga training. The twice-daily hot yoga classes haven’t been so bad (I don’t know what I’ll do when I go back to a normal work vs workout schedule). Giving up meat has been surprisingly easy (thanks to the amazing chefs at Love Kitchen). The one adverse effect is that I’m starting to dream in “yoga dialogue” — “Sit down lower. Squeeze your legs together. Breeaaaaaathe.”

From the large yoga bubble that I’m living in I’ve picked out these little morsels of wisdom that some of you might enjoy:

“Yoga is destroyed by these six attributes: overeating, overexertion, excessive talking, unnecessary austerities, socialising and

“Yoga is gained by these six attributes: enthusiasm, openness, courage, right knowledge (of the Self), determination and solitude.”

“Think not of internal object, neither of external object. Abandon all thinking. Think of nothing, not even thinking itself.”

Another sunrise, another day. Time to rehearse my “Breeeeaaaathe” before morning class!


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