Me and The New Yorker

Exciting news! The piece I researched for The New Yorker magazine’s China correspondent, Evan Osnos, has been published. As a lowly researcher, my name isn’t credited. Nevertheless, it’s immensely gratifying to see the work I did make it into the final story. (I was tasked with finding out all there is to know about Lin Yifu…I would’ve PAID to have been allowed to accompany him on work trips, like Evan did).

Favorite things about working on this project?

  • Learning about my country, our history and economic development again (haven’t done that since college)
  • Watching a journalistic pro (one who has been on The Colbert Report, no less) go about writing his story
  • Interviewing octogenerian Mao Yushi laoshi in person (China’s older generation of intellectuals are so inspiring!)

Here is a link to the story. If you don’t have a subscription but are dying to read about China’s “boom doctors”, email me and I’ll try to finagle a PDF copy your way.


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