All signs point to the obvious…

My Macbooks break in half the (already short) time it takes other people’s sleek machines to fall apart. I didn’t get onto Twitter and Weibo until 2011. The gurus in the IT Department are afraid to pick up my calls. They know it’s gonna get messy.


All signs point to the obvious >> I have no business messing around with technology.


But, as all proud beings who don’t submit willingly to the laws of life do, I rebelled against my nature.

I set up a blog in 2009. I bought my own domain name. Then, finding that my readers (oh the droves of them!) were having a hard time accessing the blog from behind the Great (censorship) Firewall of China I got bolder – I took my cute little blog off WordPress servers and…what’s the word?…independently hosted it on a more tech-savvy friend’s server.

I felt invincible! There’s nothing daunting about 0’s and 1’s! Nothing can faze this old school quill and scroll girl now! I figured out how to migrate my blog from WordPress to an uncensored virtual location. (Well, I actually paid someone to do it, but never mind the details)! I’m in with the Information Age at last!


Then, hubris came and bit me in the butt.

I started receiving RSS feeds from my own blog address,, titled “Reading Reports, Posts, Resourcss, and a lot more.” My friends started asking me why I’m now writing weird sh*t. Wait a minute, I haven’t updated my blog in months. These aren’t the clever words of a trilingual over-enthusiastic writer girl! What’s happening?

I did what I always do when I find myself in the inevitable IT quandary – I called a man. My friend tells me, “I think you forgot to renew your domain name registration. You probably ignored all the emails you were getting about its expiration.”

What??? Domain names can expire? Once you come up with such a neat blog and URL name it doesn’t just rightfully belong to you forever? What now?

Now, I go back to basics. I could figure out another server situation and I’m sure someone less technologically challenged than I am can figure out how to salvage the year of posts from November 2010 to December 2011. But I’ve learned my lesson. No fancy schmancy set ups for this techtard. People who really want to read my blog can get a VPN. I can stick with the cheap and the free. I’m now back on And one day I’ll figure out how to reload my old posts onto this blog.

In the meantime, please unsubscribe yourselves (god, I never thought I’d say this!) from the expired blog address, unless you really want to read all about “Reports, Posts, Resourcss, and a lot more”! Feel free to subsribe yourselves onto this new feed. After the holiday season I’ll be traveling aplenty for work again, so I’m not sure how often I’ll get around to writing the Qrious Life, but I’m sure I’ll have amusing photos to share from my adventures around China.


Coming soon >> my 2011 “annual list.” Wait for it!


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