One more piece of nostalgia…”10 Best Things from 2010″

Annnd, before my 2011 list is done, I’m reviewing my “10 Best Things From 2010” list…

1. I became a certified yoga instructor…

2. …which means I did 48 90-minute yoga classes at 42˚C over 28 days

3. I hosted a live broadcast talkshow

4. I crossed 5000 (?) km of Xinjiang territory in a bus

5. I found a permanent home for my stray puppy (see #5 in 2009)

6. I turned down a “dream” financial journalism job…

7. …to work at this humble little publication(brand new design coming in January)

8. I joined a *danwei*

9. I tried vegetarianism for a month (but cheated a few times, so it was
a pescatarian month)

10. I made 33 sweat-and-tears sisters and one honorary sister-man (photo


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