Et voilà…11 Unexpected Things in 2011

Dear friends,

It’s that time of year when I can be unabashedly cheesy and say “Thank you. For inspiring me, for supporting me, and – in some cases – for putting up with me this year.”

To continue the personal tradition I started with “9 Crazy Things I Did in 2009,” I now present “11 Unexpected Things in 2011.” As ever, I wish you health and happiness for the coming year. Drop me a line, I would love to hear about your latest adventures. Have a wonderful holiday season!

1. I stopped writing

No, my blog didn’t get hacked. I was just too technologically inept to hold onto my domain name and independent server hosting. I haven’t stopped writing, but I’m writing once again from behind The Great (Censorship) Firewall of China. Gorey details of how an analog dog just can’t seem to learn digital tricks here. (If you’re still subscribed to RSS feeds from, I take no responsibility for the weird stuff that now comes out!)

2. I became a “Capital-ist”

To my very pleasant surprise, I found a job that pays me to do the things I love – meet interesting people, go to strange places, figure out how the world works, and write about it all.

3. I stopped caring…

…in a good way. As I continue to practice and teach yoga, I’m starting to understand the pithy wisdoms that I read. This year I learned to say, “I love all that I have now, but if it goes away one day, I will be ok.”

4. I started running

I even bought new running shoes. The last time I did that was a decade ago. To celebrate my baby-blue-with-pink-laces shoes, a 10K race may be in order in 2012.

5. I travelled alone

And I kind of liked it. Life is good, when you’re way up here (in the Cappadoccia region of Turkey).

6. I learned how to fly…

That’s Parsva Bakasana for the yogis…

7. …and to turn my world upside down

AKA Shirshasana

8. I drove for days in 40C heat around landlocked central China looking at 2000-year old baijiu cellars…

…and sampled 68% alcohol afterward. Occupational hazards, what can I say?

9. I was a vegetarian for two months (progress from #9 on last year’s list)…

…here’s hoping 2012 will be the year when I go all the way.

10. I kicked off a 21-day detox program right before Christmas

I’m still figuring out (on Day 5) whether this half fast over three weeks will be easier or harder than the full fast over seven days from 2009. Stay tuned.

11. I considered buying property and options for changing my citizenship

How very Chinese.

– Qi


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