A very Dali Christmas

I thought I’d seen it all – Christmas in the tropics, Christmas with heathens, Christmas in all sorts of places. But in Yunnan, Christmas is taken very seriously, in very unexpected ways. A full account will follow, but first, a few teaser photos…

On Christmas Eve in Dali’s Old City all the residents come out to engage in street shaving cream / confetti warfare

I was ill-prepared for the confetti war (no raincoat or shades), so I used my scarf for protection

On Christmas morning I did not have breakfast (because I’m still detoxing) at a Dali favorite, Bakery 88

Then we headed to nearby Xizhou village…

…to visit an old friend…

…who now lives in posh digs (the lovingly restored Linden Centre)…

with fancy things…

At night, we watched the 2nd Xizhou Christmas Pageant, or, rather the “Yesterday, today, Chinese, Western – harmonious life” show


One thought on “A very Dali Christmas

  1. hey, what’s your old friend doing in Dali now? that foreigner. Qi, try the rice noodle in Dali, they are just unforgettable. My mom and me lived there for two weeks in 2007, and every morning we walked 2 miles just to eat the best rice noodle in town. Dali is definitely excellent choice for vocation destination.

    About your question when would I go back to Beijing, It should be summer 2012 for short term to see my grande parents. And in 2013 pour long-term work and life. bisous de paris!

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