For this, I run…

If we’re Facebook friends then you know I’ve been running up a storm of late. Why do I run?

Because I now can (couldn’t run for 10 minutes on the treadmill without getting side stitches before)
Because I love breaking a sweat in the morning
Because listening to Black Eyed Peas is even more enjoyable when I can pace to the beat
Because I now wake up with a purpose (5k –> 7k –> 10k)
Annnd, because running has helped with my yoga practice

I’ve been practicing arm balances for a while. I love the freedom of “flying,” and the childish delight I get at the tipping point. When my toes leave the mat I still squeal a little “wheeee!” to myself inside (every single time). My asana goal this year is to master the handstand. Surprisingly, running is really helping me build up my core strength and has become a good precursor to my handstand practice.

This video has made the rounds, but I love it so much I want to share it here. Yes, it’s an ad for a commercial gym; yes, it looks a little like soft p*rn; and, no, I have no idea what the sleeping guy has to do with all the amazing postures Briohny is doing. But, it’s pretty darned cool.

Watch it! I hope, some time not too far into the future, to make my own gravity-defying video.


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