Publishing again!

Between 2009-2011, I spent two happy years as a writer / editor plugging away at my keyboard making social / political / cultural commentaries for various English publications about China. Some of my work is still on this blog, but a lot of it was lost in an IT-ineptitude-induced episode of “Oops, someone stole my domain name” (in truth, I forgot to renew it). When I have time, I’ll repost the old columns I published on this blog.

For now, the more exciting news is that a magazine I used to contribute to monthly – NewsChina – has asked me to start writing again. I happily share with you my first publication after a year-long hiatus, during which I traveled around China plenty and wrote a lot (for private consumption by my indulgent and encouraging investment-colleague readers at my company), here. If you don’t have a subscription to NewsChina you should look into it – Obama himself is a reader :).

Click on this link to read a PDF copy:
NewsChina Sep 2012

P.S. Sorry for the blurry image. One day I’ll figure out how to be a real blogger.