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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Qi:

    Geoff came by last month and mentioned that you were in Beijing writing. I checked out your blog and have been meaning to say hello. Too bad I didnt know you were in Beijing. I was there last year on my way to Sichuan and Tibet. Since DHC closed, Ive been hanging out most of the time in Hawaii. Ironically, I do have a phone interview next week with a foundation in Singapore. Geoff said he was likely headed to business school. Are you going to stay in China?

  2. Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog as I logged on to mine.

    Just want to say thank for sharing your yoga journey. I was recently certified, and it’s definitely the best thing – I feel – one can do for oneself. All the best, and go kick some yoga butts. 🙂

    Peace and light,

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